Chint/Astronergy announced it has passed TUV's Dust & Sand Certification Test

Chint/Astronergy announced its Poly module has passed Dust & Sand Certification Test conducted by TUV. Gaining the certificate means Astronergy’s PV modules can withstand the harsh conditions especially in desert regions where the dust and sand are normally.


The transmittance of the PV module’s glass can be hard damaged by the sandstorm and it also leads to significant degradation of power output. TUV’s test simulated the heavy sandstorm with average particle size of 0.5mm and the dust concentration of 5g/m3 to assess the durability and quality of PV modules. Astronergy has achieved less than 5% of degradation and no major visual defects and the great results indicate that the Astronergy modules can be well qualified for the installation in desert areas.


“Installing PV systems with large capacity in the desert could be a trend in the future and meeting the standard guarantees the reliability of our products. We will stick to our commitment to deliver the best quality PV modules to our clients around the world.” Commented by Dr. Lu, Chuan, the VP of Astronergy.


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