Power Range


Maximum Module Efficiency


Product Warranty Period

12 year

First Year Power Degradation


Year 2~30 Power Degradation


Application Scenarios

Utility-scale Power Station
High Power and High Efficiency Modules
Assembled with 210mm silicon wafers and the SuperPERC4.0 mono-crystalline high-efficiency cells, this product can promise a power up to 665W and a module efficiency of 21.4%.
High reliability
The multi-busbar half-cell module and non-destructive technology have improved the module's load resistance and ensured the module's high reliability.
Low Voltage
Low voltage leads to an increase in the number of single-string modules and a significant increase in the power of single-string modules.
As a high-power optimal product for utility-scale power stations, ASTRO 6 can effectively reduce the BOS cost and LCOE cost of cables, land, rackings, inverters, among others.
Biafacial Power Generation
The back side of the stacked module also generates power, and the combined generation capacity is higher.