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All possible scenarios in EU will be satisfied, Astronergy says in PV ModuleTech Spain
11 -29 2023   660views

“For the utility-scale projects, and C&I and residential rooftop projects, different products featured with different frontier manufacturing techs are essential to maximize the effects of TOPCon 3.0 cell tech and investment from the customer side”, said Dr. Yi Deng, Astronergy Europe Product and Technical Service Manager, at a speech during the PV ModuleTech Europe in Spain on November 28, remarking the company’s product strength and depth knowledge about the market.

Themed Understanding the PV Module Supply to the European Market in 2024, Dr. Yi Deng’s speech on the first day of the events, kicked off the conference’s top issue to discuss with attendees from and outside the industry on PV industry development and challenges we meet, and solutions could use.

“Only one solution, one size module or only one fixed manufacturing process is not adaptive to dramatically growing solar energy demands in all kinds of scenarios with various risks and special environmental conditions in Europe; and of course cannot maximize the utilization rate of the solar energy”, said Dr. Yi Deng during his speech.

To meet all possible application scenarios of utility-scale, C&I, residential rooftop, floating, agricultural PV and others, Astronergy has upgraded and extended its product series at its core tech of n-type TOPCon 3.0 with different sophisticated manufacturing techs to enable the products could have greater performances in solar projects.

Taking ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF TOPCon products for residential rooftop solar projects as an example, Dr. Yi Deng added in his speech, that zero-busbar enables module of larger solar contacting area for higher power generation per watt, and high-density encapsulation enables the module could have a lower risk of micro-cracking, lower module area than 2 square meters and higher power of 460W & efficiency of 23%. All these great performances are due to core TOPCon tech and greater manufacturing techs, which satisfy residential solar projects wonderfully.

Not only the ZBB product, Dr. Yi Deng also talked about other upgraded products on the basis of TOPCon tech. Combined with different manufacturing techs and different sizes, Astronergy deeply developed the potential of the TOPCon tech for different uses.

“For European market, Astronergy products are enough for all customers of different needs. What’s more, new cell tech is in reserve for some possible needs that we cannot foresee now”, said Dr. Yi Deng.