Privacy Policy
Last Update: 2023.05.31

Chint New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“ASTRONERGY” or “we”) committed to maintaining your trust in us and will adhere to the following principles to protect your Personal Information: the principle of parity of authority and responsibility, the principle of clear purpose, the principle of minimization and necessity, the principle of ensuring security, the principle of data subject participation, and the principle of openness and transparency, etc. In addition, we undertake that we will adopt appropriate security measures to protect your Personal Information in accordance with the well-established security standards in the industry and applicable laws. Personal Information refers to various information which is recorded in electronic or any other form and used alone or in combination with other information to recognize the identity of a natural person.

Before using our products or services, please read this Policy carefully to learn our practices to protect client’s Personal Information.

This privacy policy helps you understand the following:
I.Personal Data We Process
II.Our Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing Your Personal Data
III. How Do We Keep Your Personal Information
IV. How We Share, Transfer, and Disclose Your Personal Data
V. How We Protect Your Personal Information
VI. Your Rights to Your Personal Information
VII. How We Process Minors’ Personal Information
VIII. How We Use Cookies and Similar Technologies
IX. Third-party Service Providers and Their Services
X. How Your Personal Information Is Transferred Globally
XI. How This Policy is Updated

ASTRONERGY provides a large variety of products and services, and this Policy may not address all possible data processing scenarios. We may inform you of data processing scenarios related to specific products and services through corresponding privacy policies. Such privacy policies describe in detail how we process your data when you use these products or services. If there is any conflict between this Policy and the privacy policy for a specific product or service, the specific privacy policy shall prevail.

I.Personal Data We Process
Personal data refers to any data that, either recorded electronically or otherwise, relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, and does not include anonymized data. ASTRONERGY may directly or indirectly collect such data when you use our products, services or websites, or when you interact with us. In accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, we follow the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy, necessity, and integrity, collect only the personal data necessary for the implementation of product functions, and use the collected personal data for the explicit purposes only. The personal data that we process includes the following:

1.Personal data you provide when using our services
(1)Account data such as the nickname, mobile phone number, email address and other personal data you provide when registering or using our products or services;
(2)The name, phone number, email address, device-related data, fault descriptions and other personal data that you submit when using our customer services or after-sales services;
To implement related functions of some of services, you may need to provide specific personal data. If you opt not to provide such personal data, other functions of the product or service will not be affected.

2. Information collected when you use the products or services
To ensure the security of our products, services and users’ accounts, provide better products and/or services, and improve user experiences, we will collect your device information and how you and your device interact with our products and services when you use the relevant products and services (including your use of relevant products or services under the account of enterprise/ organization you represent). The aforementioned information includes:
(1)Device information: information about attributes of device (such as your hardware model, version of operating system, device configuration, unique device identifier, international mobile equipment identity (IMEI), media access control address (MAC), identifier for advertising (IDFA)), device location information (such as location information obtained by GPS, Bluetooth or WIFI signals), device connection information (browser type, telecommunication carrier, and language used) and device status information (such as sensor data and application installation list). The information collected from your various devices may be correlated for the purpose of providing you with consistent services on these devices. In addition, we may associate your device information or telephone number with your service account.
(2) Log information and operation records: your usage of our products or services, operation of your account after logging in (including changes to password, bound phone number and E-mail address, and complaint records), search for words and software queries entered through services (such as restart, upgrade, error, crash), Internet Protocol (IP) address, URL of accessed services, browser type and language used, information about downloading, installation or use of mobile applications and software, communication with communication software, date, time, duration of accessing service, and browsing information.
(3) Subscription: After you have explicitly authorized and agreed to subscribe to our services, we will collect relevant information to provide you with customized products or services, such as sending you advertisements, promotional information, brand information, or questionnaires through email, SMS, phone, or other means. If you do not wish to receive this type of information, you can contact us by email (, and we will promptly stop pushing your customized information.
(4) Other related data:To provide better experience when using our products or services, we may collect relevant personal data with your explicit consent. For example, when you enable some customized products or services, we will record some of your personal data when you access our products or services through the information collection function of the products or websites. If you do not provide such data, the customized products or services may not be provided properly.

II.Our Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing Your Personal Data
1. We processes your personal data only for specific purposes, and only processes the personal data that is necessary for fulfilling such purposes. Based on your cooperation with us, and the products and services we provide, we may process your personal data for the following purposes:
(1) Provide products and services;
(2) Meet your customized requirements;
(3) Guarantee your safety;
(4) Invite you to participate in the survey on our services;
(5) Improve our services to provide better user experience;
(6) Other purposes with your consent.

2. Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, we may collect and use your personal data without obtaining prior consent in the following situations:
1) Such collection and use are necessary for us to fulfill legal obligations or responsibilities;
2) Such collection and use are necessary for the conclusion and performance of your contract as a party;
3) To deal with public health emergencies, or, in case of emergency, to protect the health of natural persons and the safety of their property.
4) Processing of personal data that is publicly disclosed by you or other personal data that is already legally and publicly disclosed within a reasonable scope in accordance with the laws.
5) Other situations in which data processing is required by the applicable laws and regulations.

III. How Do We Keep Your Personal Information
1. The retention period of Personal Information collected by us shall be the shortest time necessary to realize the purpose specified herein, unless a longer retention period is required by laws and regulations. Your Personal Information will be deleted or anonymized after the aforementioned retention period expires.
2. Where part or all of our products or services disabled for special reasons, we will inform you in time, stop collecting and processing your Personal Information on related products or services, and delete or anonymize the Personal Information related to the said products or services, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

IV. How We Share, Transfer, and Disclose Your Personal Data
1. We may share your personal data inside the company if it is necessary to provide services in a timely manner. We will not share your personal data with other companies, organizations or individuals, except in the following cases:
(1) Such sharing is necessary for us to fulfill legal obligations or responsibilities;
(2) Such sharing is necessary for the conclusion and performance of your contract as a party;
(3) Such sharing is intended to protect the health of natural persons and the safety of their property in case of public health emergencies, or other emergencies.

2. We may also share necessary personal data with our business partners in accordance with the principle of minimization to provide the related services. We will require our business partners to strictly comply with our measures and requirements for data privacy protection to ensure your privacy security. If an authorized partner needs to use your personal data for an unauthorized purpose, it will seek your prior consent.

3. If personal data transfer is involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy liquidation, asset transfer, and other similar transactions, we will require the new companies, organizations, or individuals that will hold your personal data to continue complying with the requirements of this Policy, and inform you of the identity and the contact information of the recipient in a timely manner. If any new company, organization, or individual refuses to observe the requirements, we will require these companies or organizations to seek your prior consent.

We will sign strict confidentiality agreements with companies, organizations and individuals sharing your Personal Information and require them to use your Personal Information in strict accordance with this Policy and take relevant confidentiality and security measures to process your Personal Information.

V. How We Protect Your Personal Information
1. How we protect your Personal Information
We have taken reasonable and feasible technical security and organizational measures to protect the information collected in relation to the services. We have adopted security measures that are in line with industry standards to protect the Personal Information you provide, and to prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of the data.

2. Notification and response of Personal Information security incident
Please note that while we have taken reasonable steps to protect your Personal Information, no website, Internet transmission, computer system, or wireless connection is absolutely secure. In the event of a Personal Information security incident, we will, in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the following: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, disposal measures we have taken or will take, suggestions for your self-protection and risk mitigation, remedies for you, etc. We will timely inform you of the relevant situation of the event by email, letter, telephone, or push notification. When it is difficult to inform the Personal Information subjects individually, we will issue an announcement in a reasonable and effective manner. Meanwhile, we will also actively report the handling of the Personal Information security incident in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

VI. Your Rights to Your Personal Information
We respect your rights to your Personal Information. These rights may vary in different countries or regions, but mainly include the following.
(1) Right to know and access. Know how we process your personal data and accesses the personal data we store;
(2) Right to reject. Object to or restrict our processing of your personal data in special cases. Even if you object to or restrict our processing of your personal data, we are still obliged to continue processing your personal data and reject your request where it is explicitly required under the applicable laws and regulations;
(3) Right to correct. Correct the incomplete or inaccurate personal data about you that we store;
(4) Right to copy. Query or copy your personal data;
(5) Right to delete. Delete your personal data. Please note that where it is required by laws, We are obliged to retain your personal data even if you require us to delete it;
(6) Right to cancel. We provide you with account cancellation service, and you can choose to cancel your account via emial ( If you choose to cancel your account, we will delete or anonymize all your relevant Personal Information in time according to the laws and regulations, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.After the cancellation, you are not able to access into the accounts and we are unable to continue to provide you with products or services that need to log in with an account.
(7) Right to complain. Lodge complaints to the related regulators if there is any objection to our personal data processing activities or this Policy.The way in which you exercise rights depends on the specific product or service you use. In addition, you may contact the Compliance Office or Data Compliance Protection Officer by email (; We will ensure the security of your personal data when you exercise the rights.

VII. How We Process Minors’ Personal Information
Our products, website and services are not intended for the minors. If we collect the Personal Information of minors on an occasional basis, we will delete the relevant information as soon as possible after verification. If you find that we have collected the Personal Information of minors during your usage of our products and services, please contact us through the contact information published in this Policy. Upon receipt of your notice, we will verify it in a timely manner and delete relevant information after verification.

VIII. How We Use Cookies and Similar Technologies
Our web pages and specific products or services use cookies, website beacons, and other similar technologies to provide better experience and to improve our products or services.

IX. Third-party Service Providers and Their Services
Our websites, products, applications, and services may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. You can choose whether to visit or accept websites, products, and services offered by third parties.We have no control over third-party privacy and data protection policies as such third parties are not bound by this Policy. Before you submit Personal Information to third parties, please refer to their privacy policies.

X. How Your Personal Information Is Transferred Globally
If some products or services involve cross-border transfer, we need to transfer your Personal Information outside of your region.Wherever we may transfer your personal data, we will, pursuant to applicable laws, take every reasonable and necessary measure to ensure your data security, inform you of the destination, recipient, and other related information in a timely manner, and take appropriate measures to comply with this Policy and applicable local laws.

XI. How This Policy is Updated
This Policy is subject to updates or revisions from time to time. If this Policy is revised, we will release the latest version in a timely manner, and publish it in a noticeable place on our official website. For major changes, we will also provide more noticeable notifications. For any changes to the purposes, methods, and types of personal data to be processed for specific products and services, we will seek your consent again prior to processing your data.

This Policy allows adjustments. However, without your express consent, we will not diminish your rights under this Policy. If you do not agree to the above Privacy Policy, we will not be able to collect and use the information necessary to provide the service, and will not be able to provide you with services normally.

This Policy shall come into force as of the date of update.