Astronergy - Top Level of Intelligent Manufacturing - Honored as PV Module TOP Performer for 7 years Astronergy - Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Pioneer and Explorer of Smart Manufacturing in China in PV
The World’s First PV “Internet + Transparent Factory”

Relying on CHINT Group’s strength in big data and informatization, Astronergy follows the Group’s “One Cloud & Two Nets” strategy and builds the first PV “Smart Manufacturing + Internet” transparent factory for global users. With the automatic production line and highly information-integrated production mode, Astronergy enables the monitoring and traceability in the production process from raw materials to finished products and maintains its leading position in smart manufacturing.

Big Data Support

Artificial Intelligence Quality Inspection

First Company Enabling Automatic AI Detection of EL Defects

Automatic Monitoring of All Processes

Automatic Manufacturing

Automatic Feeding by Unmanned Vehicles

Localization of Manufacturing Equipment

Flexible Production Line

Global Layout & Capacity Planning

Adhering to the product value proposition of "create sustainable and efficient green energy", Astronergy focuses on developing an intelligent system integrating production, supply and marketing from manufacturing, supply to sales; and provides professional and high-quality photovoltaic module products and services to customers around the world.

With business footprints in over 140 countries and regions, Astronergy has established intelligent manufacturing bases at Haining in Zhejiang, Yancheng in Jiangsu, Jiuquan in Gansu, Songyuan in Jilin, Fengyang in Anhui, Yiwu in Zhejiang, Yanchi in Ningxia, Yueqing in Zhejiang and in Thailand. It has also set up branch companies and sales centers in countries like Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, achieving great sales performance of Astronergy PV products in international mainstream markets of Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

In 2024

PV Module Capacity: 76GW

PV Cell Capacity: 65GW

In 2025

PV Module Capacity: 103GW

PV Cell Capacity: 88GW

Astronergy Global Layout
Astronergy HQ & Global
R&D Center
Zhejiang Haining Manufacturing Base
Jiangsu Yancheng
Manufacturing Base
Gansu Jiuquan
Manufacturing Base
Manufacturing Base
Anhui Fengyang
Manufacturing Base
Ningxia Yanchi
Manufacturing Base
Zhejiang Yiwu
Manufacturing Base

More manufacturing bases
are in production, coming soon