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Astronergy achieves carbon neutrality certification at SNEC PV Power Expo
6 -14 2024   169views

At the 17th SNEC PV Power Expo, Astronergy was awarded the “Certification of Carbon Neutrality for Public Welfare” by the Guizhou Green Finance and Emission Exchange, in recognition of its commitment to green development and active support for China’s dual carbon goals during its SNEC booth construction. 

The Guizhou Green Gold Low Carbon Trading Center is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and provides comprehensive carbon neutrality certification services to ensure enterprises take necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a sustainable world.

During the booth construction, Astronergy minimized the overall carbon emissions of by selecting environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, the company purchased 34 tons of Public Building Carbon Emission Reductions (PBCER) from the Exchange, offsetting 33.26 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions and achieving a state of carbon neutrality.

Astronergy has made significant contributions to China's dual carbon strategy and global climate change. By demonstrating their commitment to low-carbon and environmental protection through sustainable booth construction, resource conservation, and low-carbon travel, Astronergy sets a great example for the industry,” said Xiang Li, Chief Strategy Officer of Greenland Technology Group and Executive Dean of Greenland Digital Economy Research Institute.

Notably, Astronergy encouraged every participant to be a part of this sustainable action. Visitors can scan a QR code at Astronergy’s booth to receive their own carbon neutrality certificates, contributing collectively to carbon neutrality.

Haiyan Huang, Astronergy's EVP & CSO, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability, “Astronergy integrates green and low-carbon principles into our corporate operations. Achieving booth carbon neutrality at this exhibition is another testament to the green and sustainable manufacturing of Astronergy. Moving forward, Astronergy will continue to explore and implement carbon neutrality practices, contributing to a low-carbon and sustainable world.”

In 2023, Astronergy Yancheng Manufacturing Base became the first zero-carbon factory in the industry certified by TÜV Rheinland. Regarding products, ASTRO series PV modules have obtained carbon footprint certifications and EPD environmental product declarations in various countries, including China, France, Germany, the United States, and Italy, with a carbon footprint per unit significantly lower than the industry average.