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Astronergy and Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Energy and Power Development Forge Strategic Partnership for Solar Energy Advancement
1 -31 2024   465views

On January 23rd, Astronergy, a leading global PV manufacturer, proudly announced its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Power Development of Zimbabwe to facilitate the nation’s solar energy development.

The delegation, led by Hon Edgar Moyo, the Minister of Energy and Power Development of Zimbabwe, embarked on a visit to Astronergy Haining Manufacturing Base. During the visit, they toured Astronergy's intelligent TOPCon production workshop, gaining insights into the entire PV module manufacturing process, from material preparation to production.

Hon Edgar Moyo commended Astronergy for its achievements in technological innovation, sustainability, and global business operations. Given the current energy landscape in Zimbabwe, he expressed optimistic expectations for future collaboration between the two sides.

Zimbabwe, located in southeastern Africa, boasts abundant solar resources with an annual sunshine duration exceeding 3,000 hours. However, the solar energy sector in the country is still underdeveloped. Facing challenges such as a scarcity of hydrocarbon resources and inefficient power infrastructure, Zimbabwe has long grappled with power shortages, with the growth rate of power supply lagging far behind demand. According to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), the estimated potential for solar power generation in the country is 109 GW. As of the end of 2021, Zimbabwe's installed solar capacity is a mere 30MW, falling short of the target to deploy 1GW of clean energy capacity by 2025.

In the future, Astronergy and Zimbabwe's Ministry of Energy and Power Development aim to deepen the partnership. By leveraging Astronergy's highly efficient PV modules, the collaboration aims to bring more green power to Zimbabwe, accelerating the country's energy transformation and addressing the local energy crisis.