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Astronergy drives the solar revolution in Europe with its high-efficiency TOPCon technology
2 -19 2024   281views

The leading company in the photovoltaic industry presented its technological advances at Genera 2024, consolidating its position as a pioneer in sustainability and global expansion.

Astronergy, a leading player in the global photovoltaic industry, is set to further extend its influence across markets, with a strategic focus on Europe. Renowned for its pioneering work in n-type TOPCon photovoltaic modules, the company showcased its latest advancements at Genera 2024, held in Madrid from February 6 to 8.

At the heart of Astronergy's expansion strategy is its commitment to technological excellence and sustainability. Recognized at Genera 2024 with accolades such as 'Overall Highest Achiever' in the Photovoltaic Module Index and PVEL Top Performer certifications for photovoltaic modules, the company is positioned as a leader in research, development, and financial performance.

In an exclusive interview with Review Energy, Ibrahim Desouky, Technical Manager at EMEA, unveiled Astronergy's latest achievement: the N7 TOPCon module, boasting a power output of 615W and an impressive efficiency of 22.8%. Desouky emphasized ongoing research and development efforts, aiming to push the module's output even higher. “Stay tuned as Astronergy pioneers advanced solar technologies, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future,” Said Desouky.

Moreover, Desouky stated, "Today, Astronergy unveils the future of utility-scale projects," underlining the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology. The N7 module incorporates the company’s independently developed high-efficiency TOPCon cells, that enhance reliability, and a double-layer glass for increased durability. Additionally, a light-redirecting film is incorporated for improved energy yield.

Astronergy, a 360-degree global strategy

Review Energy also had the opportunity to talk to Stelios Antellis, Head of Global Strategic Cooperation at Astronergy, during the fair. In the interview, Antellis shed light on the company's global initiatives, highlighting the creation of a new department focused on global strategic partners. 

He also highlighted the importance of Spain as a key market and global leader, with the aim of aligning Astronergy's strategy with the global footprint, supporting customers engaged in global projects. Antellis shared insights into Astronergy's growth strategy, revealing plans to continue the impressive growth trajectory experienced in recent years. A significant shift involves expanding production capacity outside of China, with new bases established in the United States and Turkey. Antellis noted, "The target is to move a big part of the new production capacity as close as possible to the actual markets."

Astronergy continues to demonstrate its innovation, sustainability and global collaboration. The presentation of the N7 TOPCon module and the strategic initiatives outlined in the interviews consolidate Astronergy's position as a key player in shaping the future of solar power generation, advancing efficiency and contributing to a more sustainable world.