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Astronergy dual-glass TOPCon products top in PV Magazine’s module test
11 -20 2023   2114views

Dual-glass bifacial n-type TOPCon ASRTO N products topped at power generation in a module test conducted by PV Magazine – a globally renowned and authoritative PV media, highlighting Astronergy’s firm tech strength in TOPCon tech and great performances of its module products.

As a cooperative effort of PV Magazine, APsystems, CEA and Gsolar, the PV module test was conducted in rigorous outdoor conditions in September 2023 and attracted the participation of almost all leading PV industry players.

According to test results published in the November issue of PV Magazine, a double-glass bifacial n-type TOPCon product of Astronergy topped in energy yield results in all participators.

Though it was the first time that Astronergy was involved in such as test, leading strength in n-type TOPCon tech and frontier manufacturing techs enable its products could rush out as a tip from all bifacial modules. If seeing the results in depth, Astronergy’s TOPCon module is also top in all six TOPCon modules.

In early November, Astronergy launched newly extended ASTRO N7 series TOPCon products for each specific market of utility-scale solar plant, distributed generation and residential scenarios. For sure, those top-performing products will be great forces in the market for creating sustainable energy for end-customers.