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Astronergy keeps on track of innovation & expansion, PV CellTech EU witnesses the claim
3 -13 2024   1920views

The market has been witnessing the emerging and dominating trend of the n-type TOPCon PV cell technology since the end of 2022 till now, said Dr. Yi Deng, European Product & Technical Service Manager at Astronergy, at the PV CellTech Europe in Frankfurt, Germany on March 12th, we’ve done the right thing to focus on this times- and market-selected solar technology, and develop reliable solar solutions for customers in need.

As an authoritative industry event, PV CellTech Europe this year aims to attract industry insiders to discuss the three leading technologies of TOPCon, heterojunction (HJT) and back-contact (BC), forecast future development trends and inspire insights on the green energy techs.

We’ve upgraded our n-type TOPCon technology to the fourth generation, and the R&D teams of Astronergy have been working to tap more potentials of the tech,” said Dr Deng during his sharing, “there will be the fifth, sixth and seventh generation TOPCon tech in Astronergy. Combining with frontier manufacturing processes, our solar products are produced to meet various demands in different application scenarios”.

As a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV module products, Astronergy shows huge confidence in such technology and has expanded its TOPCon product manufacturing at its 10 manufacturing bases worldwide. “To meet the growing demands of the international market, there will be two more manufacturing bases which have TOPCon capacities in Turkey and USA”, added Dr Deng, “for certainty, new bases will help the local to create jobs, tax incomes, and will bring frontier manufacturing technologies to influence upstream and downstream partners in these countries.”

When talking about HJT and BC, Dr Deng claimed that Astronergy also has tech preparations for these two, but due to their cost performances cannot show well on the customer side, so the mass productions of heterojunction or back-contact products are in preparation.

As stated by Samuel Zhang, CMO at Astronergy, during an interview with the media in early 2023 “Once the customer side shows confidence in HJT and BC, production will start. Astronergy has the capabilities to meet the market demands.”

Seeing the growing green energy installations worldwide, topics on cell techs with different advantages are attracting more customers and insiders to explore. However, the factual situations of markets worldwide are a great mirror to reflect the real demands and development trends – TOPCon is the mainstream at least in 2024 and future 2 or 3 years.