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Astronergy launches “Solar The Future” public welfare program globally
6 -17 2024   202views

Astronergy successfully concluded its World Tour 2024 in Shanghai, bringing together over three hundred industry experts, partners, and clients to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the solar industry. During this event, Haiyan Huang, EVP & CSO at Astronergy, delivered a speech to officially launch “Solar The Future,” the company's public welfare program aiming to contribute to the global energy transition.

“’Solar The Future’is Astronergy’s concrete vision for a sustainable future,” said Haiyan Huang. “We believe the future will be a green and vibrant world powered by clean energy. For every PV module sold, a portion of our sales will go into this program as a part of the public welfare fund. Additionally, every participant in Astronergy World Tour 2024 can also contribute to this program through sustainable actions and promoting sustainability principles.”

'Neo Light', a way to calculate the sum of Astronergy’s donation, will be based on the power output of Astronergy’s star product for the year. For example, in 2024, the featured product is ASTRO N7 with a power of 630W, so each participant in AWT 2024 will contribute 630W of 'Neo Light' to “Solar The Future” program.

By the end of May 2024, Astronergy has globally shipped a total of 285,715,000 PV modules with a total capacity of 100GW. Consequently, Astronergy will donate around USD 390,000 to initiate the “Solar The Future” program.

The program will include a variety of public welfare projects, such as supporting biodiversity, enhancing education for children and adolescents, and empowering women. According to Huang, the 192kW of 'Neo Light' generated from the AWT 2024 in China will be donated to projects of renewable energy training and welfare organizations.

It is expected that 12 Astronergy World Tour events will collectively generate 756 kW of 'Neo Light,' which is equivalent to 983,000 kWh of green electricity. This amount can meet the annual electricity consumption of 346 three-person households.

Huang added, “All these numbers just represent Astronergy’s dedication and investment in a sustainable future. Astronergy will collaborate with more public welfare institutions and industry partners to foster the healthy and sustainable development of the public welfare ecosystem in the solar industry. We invite more people to join us on this journey to turn proposals into actionable practices and build a greener world for all!”