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Be more sustainability, Astronergy keeps striving in eco products for a greener world
12 -06 2023   688views

“For the products, we keep improving the core cell tech as well as utilizing more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to make products much greener, such as over 20% reduction of silver paste in a new product; for the company, we keeps promote our products’ market presence to benefit greener energy for customers, and boost overseas factories’ capacity expansions and new factory constructions under higher eco standards”, presented by Baohua He, Global Technical Service Director at Astronergy, at a PV Magazine Roundtable on December 5th, highlighting the company’s continuous strives and clear plans in sustainable development for itself and for benefiting our planet.

As an eye-catching online event focusing on PV industry and global issues, the PV Magazine roundtable attracted representatives from main industry players shared their currents and plans for tech development, insights on sustainability, how will PV products be sustainable, and what actions are in process or in plans to make our planet better.

“Astronergy is a company born with eco feature”, said Baohua in his presentation. “Our actions in pioneering n-type TOPCon PV modules are must-move for essential tech breakthrough for achieving higher power and lower carbon emissions, also a move for better efficiency leading to more green power generations”.

As the first in the PV industry gained TüV Rheinland’s certification for its zero-carbon factory, Astronergy has set goals of 8 zero-factory upgrades as of 2028. As an important part of its Sustainability Strategy announced this year, the zero-carbon factory has enabled the company’s higher-standard manufacturing for low-carbon products.

Baohua added in his presentation that, in accordance with the accurate plans the company announced now, 2050 will be the benchmark for Astronergy to achieve carbon neutrality. To promote the goal’s achieving, Astronergy has been taking actions to improve green supply chain management from supply chain, product design, manufacturing, recycling and information disclosure; and has gained good results in ecovadis sustainability rating and STS traceability management system audit.

And with the basis of green tech and green management, Astronergy overseas manufacturing is also in the process of capacity expansion and new constructions. In a near future, Astronergy Thailand Manufacturing will have more manufacturing capacities, new base will start operation in Turkey base, and more bases would be ready in Europe, LATAM, Middle East and America.

“This year, we submitted commitment to SBTi and joined UNGC’s Forward Faster initiative to make the sustainability of us could be more in line with the global sustainable development strives, work together with enterprises in different industries to assist global energy transition and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” Baohua told in his presentation.

‘For a greener world’ seems already been Astronergy Sustainable Strategy’s ultimate goal and becoming the company’s motto to help generate and utilize greener energy alive numerous families living in the planet.