Chile PFV Taguas 12MW Solar Park
3 -20 2024 104views


Project Type
Utility-scale Solar Generation Station
Coquimbo, La Serena, Las Compañías, Chile
CO2 Prevented
1841.8973 tons (First Four Months)
Installed Capacity
Power Generation
22,610 MWh average annual
Module Type
ASTRO N5 (610W)
Grid-Connected Time
13th September 2023
Case Highlights
Chile PFV Taguas 12MW Solar Park took about 6 months for installation and it was officially grid on 13th September, 2023. Consisting of 20,080 ASTRO N5 modules with a superior performance in power generation, the project is expected to generate 22,610 MWh green energy average annual. In addition to injecting new energy into sustainability development in Chile, the power station has also set a good example for local ecological environment protection by taking corresponding measures to avoid bird collisions and to strengthen the protection of local animals. During the construction, this project created job opportunities for 70 people, which has bring significant economic benefits to local community.