Holistic Micro-grid System in Astronergy Industrial Park
8 -21 2023 1140views


Project Type
Micro-Grid System in Industrial Park
Astronergy Headquarters, R&D, MFG Center in Haining, Zhejiang Province, China
CO2 Prevented
Installed Capacity
Power Generation
6150000 kWh average annual
Module Type
ASTRO 5 Bifacial Series (182)
Grid-Connected Time
The micro-grid project was established at Feb 2019, and was formally completed and put into operation at Sept 2019.
Case Highlights
Astronergy has designed a solar PV, energy storage and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) micro-grid system for the Haining Industrial Park. A 5.9MW distributed solar power system built within the factory alongside an AC-DC coupling micro-grid system. The micro-grid integrates an 8.83kW BIPV PV hut, a 50kW BIPV PV parking shed, a 4.5kW PV road and ribbon-shaped PV corridor, a 35kW PV lab and a 5kW vertical axis wind turbine. The energy generation technologies are connected to the micro-grid through intelligent power electronic conversion equipment. There is also a 50kW/100kWh energy storage system to support generation fluctuation smoothing, system load shifting and uninterrupted voltage support for sustained power supply to the companies within the park. The multi-energy complementary integrated energy management platform used in the project realizes real-time status monitoring, economic operation optimization, unattended operation and maintenance, dispatching management and control of energy, energy storage, distribution system and load, and ensures stable, efficient, green and economic operation of the system. It can reduce the cost of electricity consumption during peak hours in the park, provide intelligent clean green electricity for the park with AC-DC coupling microgrid system.