Midden Groningen 103 MW Solar Park in the Netherlands
8 -23 2023 1343views


Project Type
Solar Park
Blue Elephant Energy
Hoogezand-Sappemeer, the Netherlands
Installed Capacity
103 MWp
Power Generation
97,850 MWh First-Year
Module Type
ASTRO Module (325Wp)
Grid-Connected Time
The construction of Midden Groningen Solar Park began in early 2019, and was connected to grid on 10th December, 2019.
Case Highlights
One of the largest power stations, Midden Groningen 103 MW Solar Park was the first to be integrated into the TenneT State grid in the Netherlands, which was successfully connected to the grid in December 2019. As a kind of mainstream product of mass production in 2019, 315,000 high cost-performance ASTRO modules (325Wp) were installed on 117 hectares of land, have effectively increased the project power generation.