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2023 Astronergy World Tour – Solar Party Germany
11 -28 2023   1317views
2023 Astronergy World Tour – Solar Party Germany
Berlin, Germany
2023/12/07 - 2023/12/07

Astronergy's Sixth Solar Party 2023 will be held in Berlin, Germany, showcase our ASTRO N7&N7s PV modules powered by our n-type TOPCon cell technology, as well as larger rectangle wafers. We will invite partners in the PV industry chain, professional researchers, technical experts, and Astronergy executives to discuss PV and sustainable energy issues. You will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the global PV market forecast for 2024 and next-generation PV module technology trends.

Event Agenda
15:00-17:30 Conference
18:00-21:00 Dinner Party