Power Range


Maximum Module Efficiency


Product Warranty Period

15 years

First Year Power Degradation


Year 2~30 Power Degradation


Application Scenarios

Residential Photovoltaic Power Station
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High Power and High-Efficiency Modules
n-type TOPCon cell promises a power up to 445W and a module efficiency of 22.79%
High Reliability
The multi-busbar half-cell module and non-destructive technology have improved the module's load resistance and ensured the module's high reliability.
Low Degradation and Long Warranty Period
The power degradation in the first year is no higher than 1%, the linear power degradation is no higher than 0.4% and the power warranty is as long as 30 years.
Adaptability and Flexibility
The modules are compact in size, light in weight, easy to install, more efficient in a limited space, and perfectly suitable for mainstream inverters and installation systems.
Packaging Compatibility
The mature mainstream packaging solution features high reliability and low-cost transportation.