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Astronergy domestic and overseas bases bloom new surges
5 -11 2023   1406views

On the same day of May 10, Astronergy Yancheng Manufacturing Base (Yangchang base) and Astronergy Thailand Manufacturing Base (Thailand base) bloom their respective new surge in production of the first piece of n-type TOPCon module, and in the rolling out of the first large-size PV cell and first large-size PV module, highlighting Astronergy’s great strength in production management and PV manufacturing.

As a company with an international perspective and deep market insight, Astronergy has set the goal of doubling its manufacturing capacity. Since the start of 2023, it has fastened the capacity expansion speed to satisfy various markets' needs.

Since the newly added 5GW TOPCon module manufacturing equipment moved into the workshops in phase 2 of Yancheng base on April 27, Astronergy only spent 23 days promoting the operations of all sophisticated devices to manufacture the n-type TOPCon modules. 

Said Thomas Lu, COO of Astronergy, the first piece of PV module rolled out from Yancheng base using n-type TOPCon cells and has an efficiency of 580W, making Yancheng base once again certifies its importance in Astronergy’s TOPCon capacity expansion. And thanks to the full operation of Yancheng base phase 2, the base’s manufacturing capacity climbed to 10GW, Lu added.

Same day in Thailand, the base phase 2.5 project here welcomed its first 210mm PV cell and first 210 PV module and announced the formal operation of Thailand base phase 2.5.

It is expected that the module production at the Thailand base phase 2.5 project can run at full capacity in 21 days and the cell production can run at full capacity in 30 days, which will make the phase 2.5 project has manufacturing capacities of 3GW PV cells and 3GW PV modules.

Fabulous results of Astronergy development come in pairs, which both are milestones of Astronergy’s expansion of domestic and foreign production capacity layout, marking new surges in the supply capacity of ASTRO series highly efficient module products.