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Astronergy Gains China PV Industry’s First Carbon Disclosure Label from CTC
1 -16 2023   841views

On Jan. 9, CTC granted China PV industry’s first Carbon Disclosure Label to Astronergy, recognizing its lower-carbon production process and contributions to promote carbon neutrality.

In 2022, China Testing & Certification International Group Co., Ltd. (CTC) engineers have conducted investigations and calculations on Astronergy’s whole production process from resource exploitation to product delivery in four months.

Through a series of processes, CTC concluded that the carbon emissions generated by Astronergy per kilowatt of module products are as low as 382kg, far lower than the average carbon value level of 400 to 500kg in the industry.

Seeing the first Carbon Disclosure Label of China’s PV industry authorized to Astronergy, Astronergy’s mission to create a sustainable and net-zero carbon world was firmly forward on its fulfilling road.