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Astronergy grabs gigawatts orders in past few months
5 -14 2024   55views

In April, Astronergy achieved positive results in China's PV module bidding projects in a wide range of regions, including Shaanxi, Jiangsu, and Tianjin in China.

Among these projects, Astronergy's n-type PV modules were highly preferred by project owners. Among them, the company won the bidding for the 8GW project of the first batch of PV module centralized procurement of 2024 by China Huadian Corporation as the third winning candidate, and is expected to supply n-type PV modules with a total capacity of 1.5GW for the project; in addition, ASTRO N series products were shortlisted for the 13GW project of China Datang Corporation for year 2024.

The company has been taking an active part in bidding projects, supplying adapted products and solutions for different types of projects. For this, the company has been perfecting its products.

The newly upgraded ASTRO N7s series products adopt the design without harpoon-like grid lines, which avoids the risk of ageing and damage over a long period of usage, resulting in better reliability and aesthetics of products. Meanwhile, this upgrade not only cuts off the consumption of silver paste but also makes less shading area on the modules. It effectively contributes to the absorption and utilization of solar irradiation, improving power generation, and achieving better cost-benefit effectiveness.

According to OPIS benchmark assessment, due to the change of PV market environment, there will be a greater demand for TOPCon technology. Meanwhile, as Astronergy's production volume continues to rise and product performance to improve, the company is expected to achieve even better results in the next few quarters.