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Astronergy granted one of TÜV Rheinlands’ world’s first offshore PV module certification certificates
6 -13 2024   150views

Offshore n-type TOPCon PV module products, one of the scenario-specialized products of Astronergy, became one of TÜV Rheinland recognized world’s first such products at SNEC on June 13, highlighting Astronergy’s great strength in scenario-specialized solar products.

The products certified by TÜV Rheinland for offshore PV are the offshore scenario-specialized upgrade ASTRO N5 and ASTRO N7 n-type TOPCon PV modules, which have been optimized and upgraded to better adapt to offshore scenario.

Offshore PV modules are more likely to face a variety of harsh conditions than another such kind of product. High humidity, high hot spot probability, high wind speed, high salt spray corrosion, and rapid changes in high and low temperatures can all lead to product failure, and therefore the testing standards for offshore photovoltaic modules are even more stringent.

For the certification of offshore PV products, Astronergy performed well in eight severe tests, including the PID test, the wet heat test, and the thermal cycle test, and ultimately met the requirements of the IEC tests.

Taking Astronergy ASTRO N7 as an example, in order to better adapt to the special environmental characteristics of offshore PV scenarios such as high salt spray, high UV, and high humidity and heat, Astronergy utilized double-coated glass to effectively reduce the water vapor transmission rate.

At the same time, the module adopts higher-quality junction box with corrosion-resistant silicone, which has the advantages of faster heat dissipation, stronger sealing, and higher insulation.

And the frame of offshore-specialized ASTRO N7 adopts a thicker coated aluminum alloy or composite frame to enhance the frame's ability to withstand salt spray corrosion and deformation caused by wave action.