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Astronergy Launches PV Planner: Revolutionizing Project Revenue Calculation for Rooftop PV System
12 -19 2023   577views

Astronergy, a Tier-1 PV module manufacturer, recently launched the web version of PV Planner, an innovative project revenue calculation tool designed exclusively for C&I and residential clients. This tool facilitates quick and informed decision-making for distributed PV project owners by offering a streamlined experience and downloadable reports.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, PV Planner guides clients through the complexities of solar project planning and revenue calculations. With seamless customization, users can effortlessly select module types and input data such as city location, roof type, roof area, tilt angle, and more. This provides an insightful overview of anticipated data for clients’ PV projects. Accessible data includes lifetime electricity generation, investment returns, investment payback periods, cumulative net cash flows, and carbon emission reductions, which are all crucial factors in the decision-making process for solar energy investments.

Currently supporting six countries including Germany, Spain, Poland, Australia, Brazil and Japan, PV Planner ensures accessibility for a global audience and there will be more countries added in the future.

For more information about Astronergy and the PV Planner, please visit