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Astronergy Surpasses 4GW Milestone in China Huadian Corporation’s 2023 Module Procurement Bids
12 -19 2023   638views

On December 18, 2023, Astronergy won the third bid for China Huadian Corporation's PV module procurement of the year. In this latest round of bidding, Astronergy won the bid for 996MW and secured a 2,000MW framework bid as the second tenderer.

China Huadian Corporation is one of the power generation enterprises in China that engages in the generation and supply of electricity and heat, and the development of power-related primary energy. It produces about 10% of China's power along with the other four enterprises.

The Corporation conducted three open bids for module procurement in 2023. Astronergy demonstrated its competitive edge by winning the bid for a total of 1,056MW during the first round in April. During the second bid, Astronergy was successfully included in the framework bid for an additional 2,000MW. As of mid-December 2023, Astronergy has cumulatively secured bids for 6,052MW in China Huadian Corporation's centralized procurement, with a confirmed bid scale of 4,052MW, representing 27% of the Corporation's total procurement volume.

Notably, Astronergy played a vital role in the successful grid connection and power generation of China Huadian's Tacheng Solar Power Project. Equipped with 642MW of Astronergy's high-efficiency ASTRO PV modules, this project is expected to generate an annual electricity of 1 billion kWh, reducing approximately 780,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

As a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, Astronergy keeps propelling the industry forward. With a projected PV module capacity of 55GW, Astronergy’s n-type TOPCon PV modules will constitute 81% of the total capacity in 2023. Looking ahead to 2025, Astronergy anticipates this proportion to reach 90%, with the expected module capacity reaching an impressive 100GW.

In line with its mission to create a sustainable and net-zero carbon world with solar power, Astronergy remains committed to providing high-quality and eco-friendly PV modules to clients globally. The company aims to contribute significantly to the global energy transformation and support the transition to a greener and more sustainable future.