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Astronergy to Make TOPCon Modules Be Totipotent
11 -24 2022   1054views

A poster showcases ASTRO N series modules developed and produced by Astronergy. [Photo/Astronergy]

As the PV market is seeing the blooming of various newly developed n-type cell products, more tech problems needed to be solved by all firms related, Sheng He – Astronergy cell R&D director said at the virtual conference held by TaiyangNews on Nov. 23. His presentation made clear on critical techs that Astronergy is working on and the tech trend of n-type TOPCon products.

With the attendance of amounts of PV industry insiders, the three-day High Efficiency Solar Technologies 2022 Conference has attracted numerous attentions. On behalf of Astronergy, He gave an expressive presentation on the Technology Trend of n-type TOPCon High Efficiency Cell and Module.

Due to the efficiency improvement of the PERC tech cells is significantly slowing down. The research and development on next-generation cell techs of TOPCon, HJT and TBC are accelerating, He said at the conference.

According to his presentation, TOPCon tech is still facing the difficulties of yield improvement, wafer thickness reduction, laydown reduction and capacity improvement. As the pioneer in the mass production of TOPCon modules, Astronergy has made great strive in these techs and achieved great results of thinner wafers, and higher efficiency.

And with its techs of big-size n-type wafers, SMBB plus half-cutting, border reinforcement and higher reliable encapsulation, ASTRO N series TOPCon module stands out from the same products.

Enabled with advantages of high efficiency, high power, high reliability, low degradation and long warranty period, ASTRO N modules have gained recognition from PVEL, TüV Rheinland and many other awards.

Because of these superiorities in techs and recognition, Astronergy offered its first large batch of 156MW TOPCon modules for a project at Prignitz in Germany, which is the first and largest n-type PV modules project in Europe. From June to November this year, over 35,000 pieces of n-type TOPCon modules were sold to European countries and gained a vast amount of praise. And certainly, a great amount of TOPCon modules sold to other continents have gained positive comments from customers.

But, not limited to the current ASRTO N module's 22.5%+ efficiency, Tier 1 module supplier title selected by Bloomberg and a huge amount of praise, Astronergy is still working to improve its techs to improve module efficiency.

With the mission to create a sustainable and net-zero carbon world with solar power, Astronergy will pour its strength into advanced techs to improve its n-type TOPCon cells, prepare for tech reserves on other advanced cell techs and provide better products for customers all over the world.