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Astronergy’s first zero-carbon factory selected in 2023 Climate Action Cases at COP28
12 -08 2023   701views

Seeing the publication of 2023 Climate Action Cases collected by C Team at COP28 on Dec.6 in Dubai, Astronergy Yancheng Manufacturing Base - the first zero-carbon factory certified by TÜV Rheinland - was selected as one of the 26 great cases responding to climate change.

The Climate Action Cases collects and compiles the achievements of Chinese enterprises in addressing climate change and green and low-carbon transformation annually, and officially releases them at COP for simultaneous exchanges and dissemination both at home and abroad. And the conference COP has witnessed the continuous improvement of the ability and level of Chinese enterprises and NGOs to participate in global climate action, and Chinese enterprises have made unremitting efforts to curb global climate change.

During the upgrade, the first zero-carbon factory of Astronergy has reduced 42,221.37 tons of carbon emission in total, and its renewable energy occupied 69.61% of total energy utilization. The amount of reduced greenhouse gas is equivalent to the effect of planting 2.34 million trees, contributing remarkable environmental benefits.

What’s more, it completed all procedures for green certification and became the first zero-carbon factory accredited by TÜV Rheinland in the world. According to the world’s first comprehensive and quantifiable construction standards and evaluation regulations for “zero-carbon factory”, Astronergy’s assessment criteria for zero-carbon factory encompasses six indicators, including infrastructure, intelligent information management system of energy and carbon emission, utilization of energy and resource, products, implementation of greenhouse gas reduction, and implementation of carbon offset.  

This signifies that Astronergy has taken a crucial step towards achieving corporate carbon neutrality by 2050, as asserted in its sustainable development strategy.