Taihan 550MW Fishing-Solar Hybrid Project
8 -18 2023 1079views


Project Type
Fishing-Solar Hybrid
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
CO2 Prevented
648,046 tons average annual
Installed Capacity
550 MW
Power Generation
650 million kWh average annual
Module Type
ASTRO 5 Module (450W)
Grid-Connected Time
The project construction started on March 2021, and was connected to the grid on December 16th 2021.
Case Highlights
Located at Wenzhou Bay in Zhejiang, Taihan 550MW Project is the largest Fishing-Solar Hybrid Project in Asia. Equipped with 1,396,000 ASTRO 5 modules, the project is expected to provide 650 million kWh of clean power, which is enough to power 130,000 households. Compared with thermal plants of the same scale, it can save about 235,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 648,000 tons carbon dioxide emissions. Based on the advantages of CHINT whole-industry chain, the project is constructed by CHINT Solar, and operated & maintained by CHINT Epower, which uses infrared drone inspection technology to assist in the daily management of the PV plant. Taihan 550MW Fishing-Solar Hybrid Project is recognized for its collective realization of economic, social and environmental benefits. Covering an area of ​​approximately 493.3 hectare, the project is combined with on-board photovoltaic power generation and off-board fishery breeding, making better use of available space in the ocean. At the same time, the large coverage of photovoltaic modules helps regulate the temperature and oxygen content of seawater, making this environment more suitable for fishery farming.