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First piece produced out of 8GW TOPCon PV cells and 12GW TOPCon PV modules at Astronergy Haining base
5 -29 2023   1282views

Only 30 days after the phase 4 project of Astronergy Haining Manufacturing Base added its 8GW n-type TOPCon PV cell equipment and 12GW n-type TOPCon PV module equipment, on May 29, the base produced out its first piece of TOPCon cell and TOPCon module, hitting Haining base’s manufacturing capacity to 17GW of PV cell capacity and 24GW of PV module capacity.

Started construction in October 2022, the phase 4 project of Astronergy Haining Manufacturing Base adopts the industry leading TOPCon 3.0 PV cell tech and has a digital PV cell workshop and digital PV module workshop. Ceremony held on May 29 saw the phase 4 first piece of PV cell and PV module produced out.

Haining base phase 4 workshops are expected to run in full manufacturing capacities within 60 days, said Haiyan Huang, EVP &CSO at Astronergy. And according to her speech, the PV industry is seeing great competition between industry players, the accelerated growth of the Haining base phase 4 is a milestone for Astronergy to show our strength and confidence in TOPCon tech.

Added Thomas Lu, COO at Astronergy, now Astronergy has built 6 intelligent manufacturing bases, and it is expected that by the end of 2023, a total of 10 bases will massively produce PV cells and PV modules to make our annual PV module manufacturing capacity increase from 20GW in 2022 to 50GW.

As a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, Astronergy will adopt invest almost all in its frontier and ever-upgrading TOPCon PV cell tech in 2023, so as to contribute for creating a sustainable and net-zero carbon world with solar power.