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Journey to Energyear Greece 2024: Astronergy shares its unique technical insights about PV industry
5 -11 2024   80views

Astronergy presented at the second edition of Energyear Greece, a unique platform to share knowledge, explore new technologies, and discuss the latest trends in PV industry, at Athens in Greece on May 9th.

Together with more than 250 attendees and over 40 solar expert speakers, Ibrahim El-said, Global Technical Support Manager at Astronergy, shared his insights about solar industry at the panel discussion themed ‘design and optimization of solar plants: collaboration for maximum productivity and profitability’.

At the panel discussion, Ibrahim shared Astronergy’s ASTRO N7 66-cell PV modules which are tailored for utility-scale applications to better meet project-based customers’ needs.

ASTRO N7 contributes to higher power generation, higher efficiency and lower voltages by employing Astronergy’s self-developed n-type TOPCon 4.0 technology, innovatively upgraded wafer size design and light-redirecting film. Because of these advantages, more ASTRO N7 modules could be fixed to one string at once to effectively cut down overall costs when the design capacity of power plant remains the same.

According to Helapco, which represents the major PV companies in Greece, Greece installed 1.59GW PV cell capacity in 2023, bringing the country’s cumulative capacity to 7.1GW by last December. This signifies a high demand and potential for solar energy in Greece.

In the future, the company will further advance its product capabilities to provide more suitable products and better services for the local conditions in each regional market.