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Leading in industry, Astronergy extends ZBB process to larger size products
6 -13 2024   148views

With the certificate from TÜV Rheinland for Astronergy mass-produced ASTRO N5 ZBB solar module products granted at SNEC on June 13, Astronergy announced its success of expanding ZBB process utilization to large size PV modules and achieving mass production, remarking the company’s strength in frontier manufacturing process.

The ZBB, or so-called Zero Busbar interconnection, solar cell process technology, is a kind of platform technology which aims to increase solar module products’ reliability, performances in power out and conversion, and aesthetics in PV products’ appearance.

The ZBB-TOPCon module certification for the ASTRO N5 series products indicates that the ZBB platform technology was expanded by Astronergy to large size solar modules of 72 cells and 78 cells. That implies further innovation and application of the ZBB technology platform in the industrial chain, but also highlights Astronergy's creativity and strengths in advanced manufacturing technologies.

As the first company in the industry to apply the ZBB process technology to mass-produced products, Astronergy's ASTRO N7s, which received world’s first TÜV Rheinland certification for this type of module, was launched in last year.

Hundreds of MW of ASTRO N7s have already been delivered to overseas customers in February this year. With ZBB certification for ASTRO N5, as well as Astronergy Fuyang Manufacturing Base with 5GW of ZBB TOPCon production capacity, which began operating at the beginning of June, the company will ship more of its ZBB TOPCon products to satisfy domestic and international customers’ various application scenarios.