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Astronergy TOPCon tech arrests attentions at Solar Show KSA
10 -31 2023   1191views

Astronergy, a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, showcased its ASTRO N TOPCon PV modules at the Solar Show KSA in Saudi Arabia which kicked off on October 30th and has attracted thousands of visitors to investigate the frontier tech in the solar industry.

Intentionally designed to showcase disruptive solution providers who promise world-class excellence and energy infrastructure delivery, and to encourage innovation and opportunity as KSA moves towards sustainable energy, the Solar Show KSA has attracted numerous enterprises and visitors to show and explore the new energy possibilities.

To show more choices for visitors and customers who have utility-scale power station constructions, the event saw the showcasing of Astronergy’s ASTRO N5 and ASTRO N7 n-type TOPCon PV module products, which are the module products launched by Astronergy to serve the utility-scale power plants for contributing local energy transition process.

For markets worldwide, Astronergy keeps refining and upgrading its products to local demands. ASTRO N7 products use the company’s independently developed TOPCon 3.0 tech which enables the products could have power out of over 615W.

By fine-tuning the side length of silicon wafers and changing the product size, the ASTRO N7 series of modules can increase the loading capacity of ship containers by approximately 10% compared to PERC+ modules, maximizing the use of container space and effectively increasing the encapsulation power of modules, thereby reducing the cost per kWh of power plants.

Acting as a tech promoter in the industry, Astronergy’s n-type TOPCon would be a great tool for continuous green energy generation.